Superpower your website with a trusty sidekick!

No hiring. No budget sign-offs. No worries. In a few clicks, Get started with your very own virtual website team at a fraction of the cost.

How WebKit works

We’ve made things easy so you can concentrate on your business and we can supercharge your website like a rocket. Let’s show you how that goes.

1. Sign up to a plan, set up for success!

Once you sign up we’ll get you rolling on a monthly set and forget plan that you never have to worry about.

After that we’ll set up your very own web portal so you can see all of the tasks we’re doing plus the timeline of completion for each task. We ensure you know exactly where the work is at no matter what.

Oh and by the way, you’ll only ever talk to one person who understands your business and how to get things done.

2. Connecting to your WordPress website

This is the moment where we truly become your dedicated website team.

We’ll either setup a new website Administrator user OR we can work seamlessly as your Administrator user. Depending on your internal needs, we can either be shown as a presence on your website or work like we are you… like a ninja your might say?! Anywhoo, your confidentiality and security is alway our top priority,

3. Send as many tasks as you like!

Setup is so easy, you’ll be able to start sending requests right away. Each time you send a request it will go into a queue. You will have full control over which task you want to be worked on at any one time. Put one down, pick one up? we work on what you need at any time.

Along with tasks, we give you time estimates so you know the effort involved. Our Kanban board also gives a great visual overview of your tasks’ progress. Nothing is a guessing game.

Oh and lastly, the number of tasks are completely unlimited, the only limit is time and that’s what you’ll get back by NOT working on your website 🙂

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Kind words

Capable, adaptable, creative and listens and genuinely cares about our objectives.

Cathy Empson, MD – Geeks on Wheels

I particularly like their approach to work with customers for the long term and put in place plans for the whole of their digital plans.

Josh Forde, BDM/Owner, Ackama

Makes things easy and finds the solutions to many ‘ideas’ that are thrown their way.

Duncan Rourke, BDM/Owner, Sign Foundry