Voice/video chat, email support

We’re here to make you feel comfortable and trust we’re doing a good job for your business. Nothing beats clear communication in the way you feel most comfortable.

Priority Support

On our ProKit plan you will always be a top priority. We aim to reply your requests within 4hrs* of receiving them.

Web Portal

Every task you ask us to do is logged on our Help Desk. This means at any time you can log in to our website and check on the number of tasks and track their progress.


Unlimited website edits

If it doesn’t involve coding (web development) then it’s included in your plan. Making a new page, setting up a new plugin, anything. Unlimited means unlimited!

Plugin support, installation and configuration

With over 15 years experience, we know a lot about plugins and tools for WordPress. From WooCommerce to Yoast SEO we’ve set up and configured them all. Let us take care of the hard stuff for you.

Your personal WordPress Consultant

We live and breathe WordPress. Throw anything at us and we’ll come back with the best solution to solve your issue. From email subscriptions to ecommerce if can be done inside the WordPress admin panel we can solve it!

Google Search SEO

Speed optimisation

Speed is a big deal for your search ranking. We provide ongoing optimisation so you have a best shot at staying in the green with Google.

Mobile optimisation

Do you know if your website is mobile optimised? Google does, and we can run tests and fixes to make sure your website is alway mobile optimised for Google.

Google Search Console

Google has a valuable tool that points out things like 404 errors, broken links and duplicate meta tags. We make an ongoing effort to remove any issues Search Console has with your website.

Automatic image optimisation

Gone are the days were you have to worry about if the image you’re using needs to be made smaller for the web. Our system automagically optimises every image you add to the website.

Broken link fixing

Google hates broken links. It means a broken website experience for your customer. We stay on top of 404s so you look good and rank higher.

SEO Tools

Every website can enjoy a suite of integrated features and useful guides that help maximise prominence among search results.


24/7 Uptime monitoring

We have an eagle eye on your site at all times. As soon as the site experiences trouble we’ll be the first to know about it.

Malware scanning and removal

Mal…what? Sometimes malicious code is added to your website without you knowing. We track and remove all traces of foreign attacks so you never have to worry about that Mal…thing!

24/7 Security monitoring and hack repair

This is the big game, the truely malicious hackers who want to harm your website. We have multiple measures to keep them out. Rest assured even if they do by chance get in, we can fix their wrongs.

Emergency restore

If for any reason your site is experiencing problems we can’t control, we’ll always have the last fail safe Plan Z at our disposal. In the click of a button we can restore your website to a past version as if nothing has happened.

Managed theme, core and plugin updates

Most of the time a hacker is looking for a vulnerable entry point into your website. If you neglect to update plugins and WordPress itself you run a high risk of being hacked. We do this all for you so you never need to know or worry about it.

Daily cloud backups

We not only back up your website we triple back up your website. From emergency restore, Daily Backup to Weekly . No matter what, we backup so much that you’ll always have a spare copy of everything on your website.


Google Analytics integration

If you don’t already have access to Google Analytics we’ll get you set up so you can start seeing how people come to your website and what they do while they’re there. Powerful stuff you can use to grow your business.

Monthly maintenance report

Would you like to know what we do each month for your website? We’ll you’ll know everything we do with our custom report that details every action we take. Oh and don’t forget some Google Analytics stats and SEO keyword rankings if you need that too.

SEO search keyword ranking report

If you have your own keywords for SEO our monthly report can track them and report back on how well they are doing. Forget multiple reports about your website it’s all in one place.

*Our support hours are between the hours of 9am- 5pm NZT Mon – Fri. We operate emergency support hours outside this time for tasks like Emergency Restores.